20' Storage Containers in Colorado

inside a shipping container

June and July are hot months in Colorado, and we sell quite a few containers for people to use as on-site storage on farms, ranches, residences, or commercial properties. But why are so shipping containers so popular with individuals and companies? Cost, transportability, and durability/security are three of the main reasons cited.


Summer Container Sale in Colorado!

40' shipping containers in Denver

On special allocation, we have a retrun of 20', 40' and 40' high cube shipping containers priced to sell quickly! These are some of the cheapest prices we've ever seen in Colorado and don't expect the containers to stay around for long.

-1x 20' container - 2001 manufacture date - Orange
-10x 40' standard containers - 1996-2001 manufacture date - Orange, Red, and Blue
-1x 40' high cube container - 1998 manufacture date - Orange