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Tiny Homes Built on Big Ideas!

Last month we wrote about 25th and Larimer, the conventional/commercial complex in downtown Denver built with shipping containers.  This month an article appeared in the Denver Post that's related in that it's built from a shipping container, but that's where the similarties end.  Sam Austin took the environmentally friendly idea of affordable/recycled housing and splashed it with a little more personality.

25th and Larimer - Downtown Denver Container Building

Check it out!  There's a new shipping container building in downtown Denver, right on 25th and Larimer.  Reported to be the first of it's kind in Colorado, the building combines retail, office, and restaurant space all into one, actually all into 29 - the number of containers that it's been built with.

Safe Firewood Storage in Shipping Containers

The summer is finally getting close, and a lot of people in the Foot Hills and Front Range are getting prepared for the dry summer that comes with it. Due to the new regulations on firewood storage being passed in the Foot Hills, we’ve been taking a lot of calls recently about the possibility of storing firewood in new or used shipping container, and have received word that a steel shipping container is an approved method of storing firewood.