Portable Storage in Colorado

Portable Storage Unit

They keep coming in – 40’ and 40’ high cube shipping containers are in hot demand in Colorado and Wyoming, and we’re eager to keep the Front Range and Mountains well supplied in summer storage units.

High Cube or Standard Containers?

40’ and 40’ high cube containers are the same length and width, but the key difference is the height. Standard height containers in Colorado are 8’6”, and high cube shipping containers have an external height of 9’6”.

What does that mean to the average buyer? Really, not that much. If you’re going to be storing standard household items and everyday goods, a standard height container will work perfectly for you. You might need a high cube container if you’re going to be stacking things (think hay bales) or have some type of equipment that you need some extra head room for (forklift, bobcat, skid loader, etc).

Shipping Container Condition

All the shipping containers that we have arrive at the depot in Denver are loaded with goods, so they’re all in cargo worthy condition. New containers have clean, solid paint in light colors (tan, white, or grey), and used containers are typically maroon or sometimes blue.

The attached pictures are of actual 40’ containers that we’ve delivered throughout Colorado.

Shipping Container Delivery

Shipping container delivery in Colorado is a piece of cake. Rather than explain it to you, check out this video:

Buying a Shipping Container

If you’re ready to buy a shipping container, or have any questions about how to buy a cargo or storage container in Colorado, give us a call, text, or email. Our cell number is 970-239-1368, or you can email us on this page.

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