July 2014

Portable Pot Farm

Portable Pot Farms

Shipping containers are already being converted into container homes and office buildings, storm shelters and cabins, and now portable pot farms.

Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, a new industry was born and is booming.  The tax revenue added to the state has been impressive, and the increase in "all things evil" has been limited.  Being container people, one thing that we've seen is an increase in people interested in growing marijuana; and a very safe, practical way to build a hydroponic grow room is in a shipping container.

Colorado Shipping and Storage Container Delivery

Every day our driver is out delivering shipping containers throughout Colorado and Wyoming, and every day offers a new and interesting challenge.  Many of the deliveries are to residential addresses up and down the front range, and we do get the occasional delivery into the mountains or even up into the high plains of Wyoming.  No matter the challenge, we're up to it and will tell you right away if it's a possible delivery or not.

First off, there are deliveries that we turn down, or heavily advise againt.