Colorado Shipping and Storage Container Delivery

Every day our driver is out delivering shipping containers throughout Colorado and Wyoming, and every day offers a new and interesting challenge.  Many of the deliveries are to residential addresses up and down the front range, and we do get the occasional delivery into the mountains or even up into the high plains of Wyoming.  No matter the challenge, we're up to it and will tell you right away if it's a possible delivery or not.

First off, there are deliveries that we turn down, or heavily advise againt.

The best example being 40' containers into the mountains west of Boulder.  There are a lot of blind, sharp corners that even a pilot car wouldn't help with.  There have been a couple of runs that we've advised against 40' containers, but could deliver 20' containers.  In the end, the clients have gone with 20' containers.

Outside of dangerous, blind turns most deliveries are very possible.

Shipping Container Delivery Tips

If you keep a few points in mind, your container delivery wll go quickly and smoothly, as most do.

1. Have the site cleared off in advance. Measure out the space, and make sure your foundation or rail road ties are ready and in place.  This will let the driver come in, look over the job, and drop the container off quickly.

2. Make sure there's enough space.  The driver will need enough space for the container, his trailer, and truck, to be in a straight (or near straight) line.  Reason being, he's going to tilt the bed up, and gradually pull forward.  So at the very least you'll need space for the container and trailer, for a 40' container we're talking about 80', then for the truck, so let's make it 100'.  If you're in the front range or high plains this won't normally be a problem.  If you're in the foothills or mountains this may be more of an issue.

3. Is the ground solid?  Make sure the ground is dry and firm.  If there's been rain recently the truck and container could possibly get stuck, or the ground under the container could be wet and expedite rotting in the floor.

Here's a video we made of our driver unloading a container at the depot in Denver.  It's in a controlled environoment, but it will give you a good idea of what's involved.

If you have any questions about container delivery, or purchsing containers in Colorado or Wyoming, feel free to contact us or send a text message to 970-239-1368.

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