Shipments and Returns

Due to the size, delivery costs, and process involved with moving a shipping container, returns are not possible.

We work with local trucking companies whenever possible. Containers are typically delivered on a flat bed truck or chassis and require a fork lift or crane to be unloaded. If you do not have a forklift or crane available, please let us know so that we can arrange your delivery to take place with a tilt bed, or roll off style truck.

  • Deliveries more than 100 miles from the depot are typically not possible, however in some cases they are possible for an additional charge.
  • Please allow ample time to schedule your delivery.
  • Please let us know if your delivery location is large enough for a tractor trailer to navigate without problems.
  • Ground should be dry and cleared.
  • Please have someone onsite to help position the container where you need it to be located

If you have any questions regarding your container delivery please contact us directly and we'll help to answer any additional questions.