Colorado Storage Solutions

There are a lot of great options for storing your residential or commercial possessions and products up and down Colorado’s Front Range.  You can choose from, literally, dozens of storage facilities and on-site storage rental companies, but for a long term solution you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing a 20'  or 40' shipping container to use as a storage facility for three key reasons:  Strength, durability, and price.

Shipping Containers are Highly Secure

Unlike aluminium or fiberglass sheds, a shipping container is made of COR-TEN steel, which means that nothing is getting through it without a great amount of effort.  Starting at 4,500lbs, you won’t need to anchor it down to prevent it from blowing away.  If you buy  used container and equip it with a lock box, you’ve got yet another reason to sleep easy at night.

Shipping Containers are Durable

 Steel cargo containers are designed to be moved around the world carrying toys and other products from China to the United States, recycled paper from the United States back to China, and who else knows what else to where ever.  In the end, a solid shipping container will last 10-15 years in service, then another 10-20 years or more as a storage unit.  That’s a solid return on anyone’s investment.

Shipping Containers are Affordable

If you need a place to store your things for more than a couple of months, shipping containers are very affordable solutions.  You can either pay a couple hundred dollars in rent each month, or make one upfront payment and have a unit that will last you a decade or more.  Depending on whether you purchase a new or used shipping container, you’ll see a savings from your investment in under a year! and have a regular supply of shipping containers moving into Denver, and the capabilities to have them delivered to move places on the Front Range, Rocky Mountains, and even the Western Slope.  If you need a long term storage solution at a cheap price, drop us an email or give us a call; even if you don’t buy through us we’re glad to help with any questions.

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