Tiny Homes Built on Big Ideas!

Last month we wrote about 25th and Larimer, the conventional/commercial complex in downtown Denver built with shipping containers.  This month an article appeared in the Denver Post that's related in that it's built from a shipping container, but that's where the similarties end.  Sam Austin took the environmentally friendly idea of affordable/recycled housing and splashed it with a little more personality.

Rhino Cubed took a used 20' container and created 160 square feet of very livable, very effecient, space.  The unit has a solar panel to power the fridge and the water and stove top are heated by alcohol.

The two plan to offer three types of containers: bare bones, with only the windows and door; mid-level, with floor and walls added; and fully-equipped, like the $60,000 Zulu Queen.

It looks like a great idea, and very affordable.  We hope to be seeing much more of Rhino Cubed in the future (and we'd like it even more if they worked with us!)

Read the full article on the Denver Post, "Rhino Cubed packs tiny, portable homes into spent shipping containers"

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