New Arrivals at the Depot!

 Just in time for the fall and winter, we've got some great 20', 40' and 40' high cube containers, both new and used, for sale at the depot in Denver.

Denver isn't a major return location for many container lines, so the containers that you do see tend to arrive, they're trans-loaded, and they're shipped on to Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.  On the plus side, the ones that do stick around the Front Range arrived loaded with cargo and are in great condition.

20’ and 40’ shipping containers are popular in Colorado and Wyoming because they make great storage units for both the farm and ranch.  They’re wind/water tight, and will keep everything inside dry and out of the elements:  hay, straw, fire wood, motorcycles and ATVs, and anything else that you can imagine.  On top of that, they’re highly secure.  At their very core, they’re steel buildings with only one set of doors; so there aren’t many ways to break in.

Winter Firewood Storage

20’ shipping containers make excellent firewood storage for the fall and winter, and they work great as a summer drying oven for fresh cut firewood.  On warm dry days the doors can be left open to vent, and at the first sign of a cold front you can lock up the doors and keep your firewood dry and out of the snow.  Added container vents make it easier keep the air circulating reduce any condensation that can build as the firewood dries. has been selling shipping containers in Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region for several years, and has satisfied clients from Grand Junction to Williston, ND.  If you have any questions about shipping containers, no matter the size or condition, just contact our company and we’ll be happy to help.  Even if you’re not buying through us, we can help to make sure you get the best possible deal.

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