Portable Storage in Colorado

Portable Storage Unit

They keep coming in – 40’ and 40’ high cube shipping containers are in hot demand in Colorado and Wyoming, and we’re eager to keep the Front Range and Mountains well supplied in summer storage units.

High Cube or Standard Containers?

40’ and 40’ high cube containers are the same length and width, but the key difference is the height. Standard height containers in Colorado are 8’6”, and high cube shipping containers have an external height of 9’6”.

Colorado Portable Office Containers

Portable container offices are popular all over Colorado, and we’ve modified them and delivered them up and down the Front Range and as far west as Gunnison. But what do you really know about shipping containers that have been converted into job site and ranch offices? We came up with five things that you might not know (until now)

New Arrivals at the Depot!

 Just in time for the fall and winter, we've got some great 20', 40' and 40' high cube containers, both new and used, for sale at the depot in Denver.

Denver isn't a major return location for many container lines, so the containers that you do see tend to arrive, they're trans-loaded, and they're shipped on to Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.  On the plus side, the ones that do stick around the Front Range arrived loaded with cargo and are in great condition.