Colorado Shipping and Storage Container Delivery

Every day our driver is out delivering shipping containers throughout Colorado and Wyoming, and every day offers a new and interesting challenge.  Many of the deliveries are to residential addresses up and down the front range, and we do get the occasional delivery into the mountains or even up into the high plains of Wyoming.  No matter the challenge, we're up to it and will tell you right away if it's a possible delivery or not.

First off, there are deliveries that we turn down, or heavily advise againt.

20' and 40' shipping containers for auction / sale in Denver, Colorado

We have two new 20' and several 40' shipping containers schedule at start arrive in Denver, with new arrivals happening throughout the summer.

New 20' shipping containers are priced to start at $2950, or for immeadite sale at $3500, and new 40' containes are priced to start at $4500 or immeadiate sale at $4750.

We also have a regular supply of used containers that registered suppliers list on the auction regularly.

Tiny Homes Built on Big Ideas!

Last month we wrote about 25th and Larimer, the conventional/commercial complex in downtown Denver built with shipping containers.  This month an article appeared in the Denver Post that's related in that it's built from a shipping container, but that's where the similarties end.  Sam Austin took the environmentally friendly idea of affordable/recycled housing and splashed it with a little more personality.