New Arrivals at the Depot!

 Just in time for the fall and winter, we've got some great 20', 40' and 40' high cube containers, both new and used, for sale at the depot in Denver.

Denver isn't a major return location for many container lines, so the containers that you do see tend to arrive, they're trans-loaded, and they're shipped on to Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.  On the plus side, the ones that do stick around the Front Range arrived loaded with cargo and are in great condition.

Moving a Shipping or Storage Container

If you need a shipping or storage container moved, chance are that if you call any trucking company their first question is going to be, "Do you have a forklift or crane on-site?  Unless you're some type of company or heavy duty handyman, the answer will almost always be "No".  At this point the conversation shuts down and they let you know as politiely as possible they can't help you. 

Portable Pot Farm

Portable Pot Farms

Shipping containers are already being converted into container homes and office buildings, storm shelters and cabins, and now portable pot farms.

Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, a new industry was born and is booming.  The tax revenue added to the state has been impressive, and the increase in "all things evil" has been limited.  Being container people, one thing that we've seen is an increase in people interested in growing marijuana; and a very safe, practical way to build a hydroponic grow room is in a shipping container.